Overnight stay packages SALOMON 4 TRAILS 2020

4 TRAILSThe waiting is finally over. SALOMON 4 TRAILS is back in 2020! After last years first edition, the race is set to return from 10 to 13 June 2020 in a new format and with a new concept as participants take on the challenge of making it all the way to to Lake Garda over the space of four years.

What’s new? As well as the Trailrun category there will also be a separate Hike category without timing but with special rankings. The daily stages are shorter and more compact than in the past, making the race ideal for those new to trailrunning stage races. Hikers will be able to challenge themselves and enjoy spectacular scenery on the way.

Exclusive overnight stay packages for the SALOMON 4 TRAILS 2020

For all participants and their companions we are offering our very special overnight stay package for that fascinating trail-run event.
Therefore we have bundled up an exclusive package. You can expect chosen hotels, guesthouses and pensions with a breathtaking panorama view of the Alps.

                               don’t waste time searching for suitable accommodations and individual arrangements with hoteliers

                               no hassle with overbookings or hotel booking errors

                               just one booking process for all accommodations

                                uncomplicated payment transaction

                                cutting costs for transaction charges

                                on-site service point with a contact person during the whole tour

                               organised shuttle service*

In short: Worry-free tour preparation. So, lean back – all the preparations will be done by us! *If as a result of local conditions it will be neccessary, a shuttle service will be provided by the stage town or HOST.

Available packages


5 overnight stays (9 June to 14 June, 2020), accommodations mainly in the 2 up to 3-star segment (local category) in double room, including breakfast, all local taxes in every location of the SALOMON 4 TRAILS 2020.

Price per person: € 459.00

Exclusive shuttle for our guests will be provided.


5 overnight stays (9 June to 14 June, 2020), accommodations mainly in the 3* superior- up to 4* superior-star segment (local category) in double room, including breakfast, all local taxes in every location of the SALOMON 4 TRAILS 2020.

Price per person: € 629.00

additional option:

Luggage Transfer

Luggage transport of your Eventbag from stage town to stage town (maximum 3 hotel changes)
We pick up your event bags from your hotel and transfer it to the next hotel!

Price per person: € 49.00

travel cancellation insurance

We recommend that all participants take out travel cancellation insurance. Under the following link you can take out an insurance for your package. Click here.
*Only for participants with german residency

A detailed description about your overnight stay packages you will find beneath the following gray colored boxes. Please scroll down!


5 overnight stays (9 June to 14 June, 2020)
Accommodations mainly in 3* segment (local category) in double room
 Including breakfast and all local taxes in every location of the SALOMON 4 TRAILS 2020
Inclusive shuttle service 
Price: € 459.00 p.p.


5 overnight stays (9 June to 14 June, 2020)
Accommodations mainly in 4* segment (local category) in double room
 Including breakfast and all local taxes in every location of the SALOMON 4 TRAILS 2020
Inclusive shuttle service
Price: € 629.00 p.p. 

Luggage transfer 

Luggage transport of your event bag from stage town to stage town
We pick up your bags from your hotel before the start and take it to the next hotel!
Price: € 49.00 p.p. 
can be booked in the booking screen 

Overnight packages (double room)

The above described overnight packages are calculated for one person in a double room (occupancy with two people). You can choose between two different packages: basic package and premium package.
Each of the packages is different in the standard of the booked accommodation and therefore in the price. You can choose between a medium hotel standard (basic package) and an upper hotel standard (premium package). Our packages include eight overnight stays. Unfortunately it is not possible to book only single overnight stays.

Overnight packages (single room)

Due to the very limited availability we cannot offer single rooms anymore! We will accept your booking request from now on. Please contact us through our contact form. If we can offer you single rooms, we will contact you. You don’t have to pay a reservation fee until then. We cannot give you a guarantee for the availability of single rooms. (Price single room basic: 559,00, single room premium: No single rooms in the premium category available)

Overnight period

The basis and the premium packages include five overnight stays, breakfast and tax inclusive, the first overnight stay is from 9th June to 10th June 2020 and the last one from 13th June to 14th June 2020.
You have the chance to add extra nights before or after the tour during the reservation. These extra nights are not included in the package/price. We will inform you about the additional costs via mail.

Stage towns

SALOMON 4 TRAILS 2020: Imst – Wenns – Ried im Oberinntal – Pfunds – Nauders

Quality/Comfort of the accommodations

The SALOMON 4 TRAILS 2020 stops in very different regions (stage towns) of the Alps which are varyingly strong touristy developed. That regions consequently provide a various structure in bed capacity, classification of the hotels (room size and services) as well as in quality (facilities/furniture, modernness, breakfast offering) of the accommodations. We focus on the proximity of the start/finish area during the selection of suitable hotels, inns and guest houses. But of course the quality, comfort and the offered service are elementary decision criterions to collaboration with the hotel industry on-site. Please remember that HOST just can work with existing accommodations on-site. It can come to fluctuations regarding the quality and comfort in the for you booked hotels, inns, guesthouses or apartments. Especially fluctuates the breakfast offering from land to land, from region to region. We talk about that with the hoteliers in the respective stage towns in advance to provide an extended breakfast offering for you. Our cooperating establishments are very endeavoured every year to make the stays as enjoyable as possible for all our guests. The most of our guests are very satisfied about the booked accommodations. That shows our annual satisfaction survey.

Booking process/Booking procedure

Booking tool
After you chose an overnight category, please fill out the booking form carefully and completely.
If you wish that the booking will run on the name of your company, please fill in the box provided for this purpose. Be sure to enter the correct name and address of your company in the appropriate fields. A subsequent change isn’t possible anymore after the booking is completed.

Booking overview
After sending your reservation data you will be taken to an overview. Please check all the information you typed in, if the package is the right one and if the information of your partner is correct. Afterwards you can confirm the binding booking.

Confirmation Email
After successful booking you will receive a confirmation email with the access to your personal online customer area. Here you can view your booking at any time again.
If you made a booking for more people and chose the option “Each participant bears the cost of his package itself”, each will receive a confirmation e-mail with his personal access data for the online customer area. If you selected the option “I take the total cost for all packages reserved by me” only you as the booker will receive an email with the data for the online customer area, where you can download your invoice with all booked packages.

Payment option

You have two options to choose from. If you want to pay the amount via bankwire and clicked on it during your booking, you have to pay 20% of the whole amount in 14 days starting at the booking date, the rest amount is due on 15th March 2020.
All needed information for the bankwire transfer is written on the invoice which you can find in your personal online customer area. Please keep in mind that there might be possible transaction fees if you transfer the money from foreign countries. You can get the information regarding fees from your bank. The amount must be transferred completely, on time and without any deduction of fees into our account.
When we receive your payment we won’t send out a confirmation email. If the amount should be incomplete, we will notice you via phone or email.

Credit card
We only accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. You can easily carry out the credit card payment on your personal online customer area. Just change from bankwire transfer to credit card payment and follow the given steps. The total amount is due after booking straight away.

If the payment isn’t made in time, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. For this purpose, there will be cancellation fees which can be found in our terms and conditions of travel (Allegemeine Reisebedingungen).

Personal customer area

The booking information which you got from us via email after the successful booking, also includes the access to your personal online customer area. There you can easily see your booking and invoice, and if necessary, change your data again. Furthermore you can find all the needed information, for example your hotel information (earliest end-April 2020) there.

Detailed hotel information

The detailed hotel information (name of the hotel, address and phone number) will be available in your personal customer area. However, not before end-March 2020. During the tour we ask you to inform yourself daily at our service-point. Because we try to accommodate you close to the start and finish, and this may lead to short-term changes. Before we don’t want to give information on the booked accommodation to reserve changes. Please refrain from inquiries of this kind. Make sure to check if there were any changes with your accommodations just before departure.

Distance to start/finish point

The booked package won’t decide about the distance of your hotel to start/finish point. The hotel allocation will be on a “first come, first served” principle, so the booking date will determine the distance to the start and finish. Earlier booking are assigned to hotels closer to the start and finish. We book the most suitable accommodations depending on situation and availability in the stage towns.
As a longstanding experienced and professional agency for travel services, we choose the appropriate accommodations very carefully for you.
Please comprehend that it might be possible that the accommodations won’t be close to start and finish point in each stage town due to potential parallel events or the general high season.
We are very attempted to prevent any shuttle services.

Shuttle service

If as a result of local conditions it will be neccessary, a shuttle service will will be supplied by the stage town or HOST. At our on-site help-desk we provide you with exact departure times/points and city maps. 

Luggage service

There will be no luggage transport between the hotels of the organizer. Your luggage will be transported by the organizer from the start area to the finish area. If you change your accommodation, you must bring your luggage to the start and pick it up at the finish area. It is possible to book the transport of the event bag extra through us! (limited to 50 packages) Price: 49,00€ p.P. – We will pick up your event bags (if you change hotels) at your hotel before the start and take you to the next hotel!


If you wish you can cancel your reservation at any time.
For the cancellation please only contact us through our contact form since we cannot accept cancellation requests via phone. The cancellation date is important regarding the cancellation fees. After your cancellation you will get a cancellation invoice from us. You can check our cancellation fees in our general conditions.

Travel security (travel cancellation insurance, etc.)

The package price doesn’t include any travel cancellation security. If you have to cancel before the tour starts, there will be cancellation fees, which you can read in our general conditions.
If you have to abort the tour there might exist be some extra costs regarding your travel back.
Because of that we would advise you to get a travel cancellation insurance.

Other hotel services

Our packages only include breakfast and the local tax, as of every other hotel service you want to use such as minibar, wellness, phone, cleaning services, parking space etc. You have to pay these costs by yourself directly in the hotel. If there should be any costs not paid by you and we have to pay them, we will send you an invoice with a handling fee of 50,00€ for every process.
Please plan enough time to check out so you can pay the open amount.

Change of your and your companions contact information

You want to change the name of your roommate? For that you can use the specific field in your personal online customer area. You will get the log in information for it after you successfully booked our packages via email.

Change of reservation

Would you like to change the booked category? Please write us via our contact form. If a change of reservation is possible, we will charge a fee in amount of 25,00€ for this process.

Help-desk during the tour

The HOST agency will be with you in each stage town from the day of accreditation. We are always available to help and advice concerning your accommodation package. Our help-desk can be found in close proximity to the start/finish.

Special wishes for the overnight stays

If you have any special requests or wishes, please use our contact form for that. We will try to fulfill every request but we cannot guarantee this.
If you want to shorten your travel or don’t want to spend a specific night in the hotel we booked for you, the package price won’t change. Unfortunately we cannot fulfill this specific request.
It is also not possible to book only specific nights with us.
If you need additional overnight stays before or after the tour, please send us an email via the contact form.

Contact with hotels

Please keep in mind that we will inform the hotels of your names around one week before the tour. If you contact them before this time they won’t be able to recognize you since they don’t have the names of all the participants yet.




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